Speaker Series: Cory Day (Vancouver, BC)

On January 16, 2019, we had three-time Brewer of the Year Cory Day (Vancouver, BC) join us to chat about competition beers. You can find him on Twitter @BernerPark. Cory Day is a fun-loving husband, father of children and leader of mankind. Cory found his love of brewing while living in Oakville, ON seven years ago and began brewing for competitions shortly after. Since then Cory has moved back to Vancouver, BC and is the only person to win Brewer of The Year three years in a row.

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Kathy Yan Li is a director of the Canadian Homebrewers Association, and lives in Shilo, MB with her husband and dog Barkley. She is always looking for Canadian homebrewing and brewing content, so feel free to get in touch with her with ideas and suggestions.

3 thoughts on “Speaker Series: Cory Day (Vancouver, BC)

  1. Corey, can you comment on how you package beers for competition? Do you use a beer gun, or do you bottle carb? How do you control oxygen when you bottle?

    1. Hey Drew!

      I typically bottle from a keg using a Blichmann beer gun. I purge the bottles and use oxygen scavenging caps.

      Belgians or really big beers I bottle carb.

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