Canadian Homebrew Day

June 1, 2019

Starting in 2019, we will be declaring the first Saturday of every June “Canadian Homebrew Day”. It’s a day to celebrate the hobby of homebrewing in Canada, either with your local homebrew club, your local brewery, your local homebrew supply shop, with some buddies down the street, or just by making a batch of beer by yourself. Homebrewers in Canada come from different walks of life, and we should be celebrating the hobby in our own little ways!

Here are all the events that are registered with us. If you’d like your Canadian Homebrew Day event to be listed here, let us know about it here.

Ideas on how you can celebrate Canadian Homebrew Day!
– Set up a wort giveaway with your local brewery
– Have a brewing open house with members of your local homebrew club at your local brewery or even in your garage
– Book a campsite and have a brewing weekend with friends (make sure you get all the proper licenses!)
– Set up a panel with local homebrewers who have gone pro on their stories
– Collaborate with your local homebrew supply store and do a brewing demo
– Invite a local ingredient/ brewing technique expert to talk about their expertise

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