About CHA

The Canadian Homebrewers Association was established in 2018 as a non-profit organization to further the hobby of homebrewing in Canada through education and legislation. Feel free to reach out to us via email. If you have a more general question, send us an email here.


Scott Butchart – Director
Vancouver, BCHaving always been a fan of craft beer, Scott started homebrewing back in 2008. Being involved with VanBrewers for 8 years as an executive member allowed him to see just how passionate homebrewers are, and to see that this kind of positive attitude could be fostered across Canada. Scott is a BJCP certified beer and mead judge based in Vancouver.


Kathy Yan Li – Director
Shilo, MBKathy really likes homebrewing and the community it creates, and would love to see the various pockets of homebrewers connect with each other and share their awesome stories. She’s an avid beer and mead judge who loves to travel for homebrew competitions.


Board Members

Warren Everton – BC Representative
Penticton, BCI’m from Penticton BC, where there is a very active beer culture in the heart of wine country. I’ve been all-grain brewing for five years with a strong commitment to my local home brewing group Okanagan Brewers. Although I’ve placed well and won a number of competitions through my short brewing experience I really value the feedback I’ve received and have a strong commitment to improvement. I also believe that well organized, diverse and well supported home brew clubs improve the hobby for us all.


Neil “Papa Bambam” Bamford – Alberta Representative
Calgary, ABFor many years Papa Bambam was an accomplished Cider, Mead, wine and beer kit maker. With a move to all grain brewing in 2010 Neil went on to win over 100 medals across Canada. As a Beer Evangelist, he has been involved in promoting homebrewing culture fostering  both building of clubs as well as friendly competition amongst Canada’s Homebrewers.


Chris Miller – Prairies (SK/MB) Representative
Winnipeg, MBChris has dedicated the last 10 years to helping develop the presence of beer in Manitoba by being an active promoter, beer judge, and community organizer. Chris is part of the first generation of Cicerones in Winnipeg and only uses his powers for good like beer education.


Eric Cousineau – Ontario Representative
Toronto, ONEric is an avid homebrewer, BJCP judge, and computer engineer from Toronto, ON. He is also the Founder and President of Toronto’s local homebrew club, GTA Brews. He believes in the CHA because he wants to see more cooperation between Canadian homebrew clubs.


Teklad “Tico” Pavisian – Quebec representative
Montreal, QCTeklad, better known as Tico, has been active in his home-brewing community of Montréal, Quebec for the past 15 years. He is one of the original members and a past president of MontreAlers Homebrewing Club. He is currently working as a head brewer for a local brewpub in Montreal.


Craig Farewell – Maritime Representative
St John’s, NLCraig has been a passionate homebrewer and community advocate since beginning his journey into this art form in 2011. With commercial experience under his belt, a CPA designation, and regional homebrew leadership, Craig brings the assets necessary to develop and promote the growth of CHA. Craig resides in St. Johns, NL.


Shawn Paul Brennan – Northern (YT, NWT, NU)  Representative
Yellowknife, NWTI am a born and raised Northerner from Yellowknife, NWT. I started homebrewing in 2014. I started on very basic extract kits,  then moving to brew in a bag, and on to a 3 vessel electric brewery setup. I also brew ciders, meads, and a variety of different kinds of wines. I am very proud to be representing the Territories and look forward to hearing any questions, comments, or concerns that you might have.