Recipe – Diamond Park Mild

This dark mild recipe comes courtesy of People’s Pint Brewing Company out of Toronto – Beer By The People For The People! This beer was named after the Toronto Maple Leafs baseball team’s third stadium that stood in Liberty Village on Fraser and Liberty. It’s a dark full-flavoured session ale with notes of toffee and toast that finishes with enough body to satisfy but dry enough to refresh at the same time.

Recipe Details

Batch Size Boil Time IBU SRM Est. OG Est. FG ABV
19 L 60 min 20 IBUs 23 1.035 1.010 3.3 %


Name Amount %
Maris Otter 1.26 kg 40.78
Barley, Flaked 530 g 17.15
Brown Malt 380 g 12.3
Oats, Flaked 380 g 12.3
Victory Malt (biscuit) 380 g 12.3
Carapils/Carafoam 120 g 3.88
Black Malt 2-Row 40 g 1.29


Name Amount Time Use Form Alpha %
Crystal 47.5 g 40 min Boil Pellet 3.5


Name Amount Time Use Type
Whirlfloc 1.00 Items 5 min Boil Fining


Name Lab Attenuation Temperature
SafAle English Ale (S-04) Fermentis 75% 15°C - 20°C


Step Temperature Time
Mash In 69°C 45 min


Step Time Temperature
Primary 3 days 18°C
Secondary 1 days 22°C
Aging 10 days 18°C


Toronto's water is almost perfect for dark beers and that is why I don't adjust it. If you're going from RO water, the best advice I can give is to target the following profile:

Ca: 34 - 45 ppm
Mg: 10 ppm
Na: 15 ppm
Cl: 25 - 35 ppm
SO4: 25 - 35 ppm
HCO: 65 ppm

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