Canadian Homebrew Clubs

Clubs are a great way to get together with other homebrewers in your area, and share your homebrew and maybe some tips. The more casual groups are usually a social meetup of sorts, and the more structured groups have educational seminars, homebrew competitions, ingredient bulk buys and more. Clubs are usually volunteer run and driven, so it’s what you put into it!

Here is a list of the active homebrew clubs available in Canada. Some of the clubs are online only, so please get in touch with the specific clubs for more information. If you don’t see your club here, or would like to update your club information, please get in contact with Kathy Yan Li.

If there isn’t one in your area, check out How to Start a Club to maybe getting one rolling!



Victoria, BC
Facebook: BrewVic
Twitter: @BrewVic


Brew Westminister

New Westminister, BC
Meets: Ad Hoc, usually on Thursdays at 7pm
Contact: Curtis Van Marck

Outlier Fellowship of the Craft

Sooke, BC and surrounding areas
Meets: Adhoc
Instagram: @outlier_fellowship
Contact: Club email or Andrew Merta

Fraser Valley Fermentalists

Maple Ridge, BC
Meets: Every last Thursday of the month
Notable Events: Quarterly club brew day/BBQ
Facebook: Fraser Valley Fermentalists
Contact: Damian


Full Barrel Homebrew Club

Langley, BC
Meets: Adhoc
Twitter: @fullbarrelbrew
Instagram: @fullbarrelbrew
Contact: Dave Henry

Nanaimo Brew Club

Nanaimo, BC
Meets: Ad-hoc, but usually on a Saturday
Facebook: Nanaimo Brew Club
Contact: Facebook


OK Brewers

Kelowna, BC
Facebook: OKBrewers


Sunshine Coast Home Brewing Network

Sunshine Coast region, BC
Facebook: Sunshine Coast British Columbia Home Brewing Network


Ten Corners Homebrew Club

Chilliwack, BC
Facebook: Ten Corners Homebrew Club


Tricities Brew Club

Port Moody, BC
Facebook: Tricities Brew Club
Twitter: @TriCityBrewClub



Vancouver, BC
Meets: Last Thursdays of the month, with summers off
Notable Events: VanBrewers Homebrew Competition (May)
Facebook: Vanbrewers
Twitter: @VanBrewers
Instagram: @vanbrewers


The Misty Moutain Mashers

Terrace and NW BC Region
Meets: Ad-hoc, with active virtual brewing chats for members
Facebook: Misty Mountain Mashers
Instagram: @MistyMountainMashers
Contact: Email



Badlands Brew Club

Southern Alberta & SW Saskatchewan
Meets: Ad-hoc
Facebook: Badlands Brew Club
Contact: James Norwood

Edmonton Homebrewers Guild

Edmonton, AB
Meets: Ever first non-holiday Monday of the month, with summers off
Notable Events: Aurora Brewing Challenge (May)
Twitter: @EdmHomebrewers
Instagram: @yeghomebrewersguild
Contact: Mike Kasun

Cowtown Yeast Wranglers

Calgary, AB
Meets: Every 1st Wednesday of the month @ 8pm, with summers off
Notable Events: Cowtown Yeast Wranglers Homebrew Roundup (February)
Facebook: Cowtown Yeast WRanglers Club Page
Twitter: @yeastwranglers

Lethbridge Werthogs

Lethbridge, AB
Meets: Every 3rd Sunday of the month @ 2pm, with summers off
Notable Events: Lethbridge Werthogs Wertcontest (March)
Twitter: @werthogs
Contact: Sean Cormican

Passtime Brewers

SW Alberta & SE BC
Meets: Ad-hoc
Facebook: Passtime Brewers
Contact: Leigh Aris


Red Deer Brewers

Red Deer, AB
Meets: Adhoc, but usually first Thursdays of the month at 7pm
Facebook: Red Deer Brewers
Twitter: @RDBrewers
Contact: Kurt Pearson

Battle River Brewers

Central Alberta
Meets: Monthly


The Ale and Lager Enthusiasts of Saskatchewan (ALES)

Regina, SK
Meets: Every first Wednesday of the month, with summers off
Notable Events: ALES Home Brew Open (April), Big Brew Day (May), ALES BBQ (June), Teach a Friend to Brew Day (October)
Facebook: ALES Club
Twitter: ALES Club
Contact: Exec

Saskatoon Headhunters Brewing Club

Saskatoon, SK
Meets: Every 2nd Tuesday, with summers off
Notable Events: Headhunters Annual Competition (November)
Facebook: Saskatoon Headhunters
Twitter: @Saskatoon Headhunters
Contact: Greg Paterson



Winnipeg Brew Bombers

Winnipeg, MB
Meets: Monthly, every 1st Tuesdays @ 7pm, with summers off
Notable Events: Pro/Am Brew Challenge (October)
Facebook: Winnipeg Brew Bombers
Twitter: @WpgBrewBombers
Contact: President



Ottawa Homebrew Society

Ottawa, ON
Meets: Every six weeks
Facebook: Ottawa Homebrew Society
Instagram: Ottawa Homebrew Society

Cottage Country Brewers

Simcoe & Muskoka Region, ON
Facebook: Cottage Country Brewers

Durham Homebrewers Club

Durham region, ON
Meets: Adhoc
Notable Events: Internal Last Brewer homebrew competition, Advent Calendar
Twitter: @DurhamHomebrew
Instagram: @DurhamHomebrewersClub
Contact: Christopher Bourdages

GTA Brews

Toronto, ON
Meets: Monthly, every 2nd Monday of the month @ 7pm
Notable Events: Brew Slam Homebrew Competition, Cask Days, Learn2Brew, Advent Calendar
Facebook: GTA Brews
Twitter: @GTABrews
Instagram: @GTABrews
Contact: David Larocque

Hamilton Ontario Zymurgy Enthusiasts Ring (HOZER)

Hamilton, ON
Notable Events: Because Beer Homebrew Comp (May/ June)
Contact: Jason Stranak

Kingston Area Brewers of Beer (KABOB)

Kingston, ON
Meets: Ad hoc
Notable Events: Local homebrew competitions
Google Group: KABOB
Facebook: Kingston Area Brewers of Beer

London Homebrewers Guild

London, ON
Notable Events: Forest City Beer Bout (October)
Facebook: London Homebrewers Guild
Twitter: @london_brewers
Instagram: @londonbrewers

Maple City Brewing Alliance

Chatham, ON
Meets: Monthly, every 2nd Tuesday of the month
Notable Events: Annual homebrew competition
Facebook: Maple City Brewing Alliance
Twitter: Maple City Brewing Alliance
Instagram: @Maple City Brewing Alliance
Contact: Stephen Goodal

Members of Barleyment (MoB)

Ottawa, ON
Meets: Once a year, usually in first weekend of June
Mailing List Sign Up Here

Niagara Homebrewer Society

Niagara region, ON
Facebook: Niagara Homebrewer Society


North Bay Homebrewers Club

North Bay, ON
Meets: Ad-hoc
Facebook: North Bay Homebrewers Club
Contact: Contact page on website

True Grist

Guelph, Cambridge, and Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario
Meets: Every 2nd Wednesday of the month @ 7pm
Notable Events: Big Brew (May), Internal “True Brewer” homebrew comp (Fall/Winter)
Facebook: True Grist Homebrew Club
Twitter: @TrueGristHBC
Instagram: @TrueGristHBC
Contact: Justin Angevaare

Windsor Homebrewers Guild

Windsor, ON
Meets: Ad-hoc, but usually 3rd Sunday of the Month
Facebook: Windsor Homebrewers Guild
Contact: JP Gallant

Kawartha Homebrewers Club

Kawartha Lake area, ON
Facebook: Kawarth Homebrewers Club
Contact: Bradley Van Gerven

Brewshiners of Georgian Bay

South End of Georgian Bay (Collingwood, Thornbury, Stayner and Wasaga Beach and places in between), ON
Meets: Last Wednesday of every month
Contact: Joanne Anderson


Le Ale’gators Brewclub

Quebec City, QC
Meets: Once a month
Notable Events: Couple of homebrew competitions a year


Montreal, QC
Meets: Every second week of the month
Notable Events: IronAler (November)
Facebook: MontreaAlers
Twitter: @ClubMontreAlers
Contact: Sam Leitkam



Facebook: Brewnettes



St John’s, NL
Meets: Ad hoc
Notable Events: Annual Competition, Advent Calendar
Facebook: Newfermenters
Twitter: @Newfermenters
Contact: Craig Farewell/ Bill Burton


Middle of Nowhere Homebrew Club

Labrador City, NL
Facebook: Middle of Nowhere Homebrew Club



Halifax, NS
Facebook: The Brewnosers
Twitter: @thebrewnosers


Yukon Homebrewers

Whitehorse, YT
Facebook: Yukon Homebrewers



Aroma Borealis Homebrew Club

Yellowknife, NWT


Updated: Aug 8, 2022