Certification Programs

Want to take your love of brewing to the next level? Think about getting some certifications done. Here’s a list of the certification programs that are available.

Prud’homme is a Canadian certification program that is based out of Toronto with increasing exam sites across Canada. This certification program includes a history of beer styles and food pairing theories. Geared more for the service industry and beer enthusiasts.

Levels of Certification:
Certified Beer Enthusiast
Certified Beer Specialist
Certified Beer Sommelier
Master Beer Sommelier

Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP)
BJCP is a program that is based out of the US, which certifies judges for beer, mead and cider. There are a lot of homebrew and commercial competitions in Canada to be able to hone your judging skills at. Geared more for homebrewers and people who like to judge.

Levels of Certification:
Grand Master (I, II, III…)

Cicerone is an American program that is touches on beer styles, off flavours, food pairing theories and more. Geared more for the beer industry and hard core beer enthusiasts.

Certified Beer Server
Certified Cicerone
Certified Advanced Cicerone
Certified Master Cicerone