Homebrew Shop of the Year

A big part of the homebrewing community are the homebrew supply stores, and we want to give provide recognition to the ones that really serve our communities!

The CHA Homebrew Shop of the Year will be awarded to the homebrew supply shop that promotes the hobby of homebrewing and really personifies the community spirit that drives the hobby forward. The best homebrew shop of the year will be judged on these criteria:

  • Customer Service & Engagement
    • Does this store have excellent customer service?
    • Are there a lot of return customers (/ are you a return customer)?
    • Are they on social media and engaging customers there?
  • Quality and Variety of Products
    • Does the shop store ingredients appropriately?
    • Do they have a wide variety of products?
  • Education
    • Does this shop host educational programs or events?
    • Are the staff at this shop knowledgeable about brewing and offer solid advice when asked?
    • How does this shop promote homebrewing?
  • Homebrew Club Support and Engagement
    • Does this shop support their local (and beyond) homebrew club with their activities like meetings, group buys, competitions?
    • Do they offer discounts to homebrewers?


  • No homebrew shop can win this award twice in a five year period.
  • Entries will be reviewed by a panel of judges from the CHA board. 

Please send in your nominations with examples of how they demonstrate in these four criteria on this form below. Nominations for 2022 Homebrew Shop of the Year are now open. Nominations close on March 31, 2023.


Previous Winners:

2020: Short Finger Brewing Co., Kitchener, ON

2021: Barley’s Homebrewing Supplies, New Westminster, BC