Member Profile: Yan Filiatrault (Rouyn-Noranda, QC)

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I’ve been homebrewing for 4 years now. A friend of mine was brewing and was talking about it often. So I got on Youtube and watched a ton of homebrewing videos and decided it was time for me to try. I ordered my starter kit and never looked back.

My first ever batch was a simple blond ale, nothing to fancy. Back then, it was an extract kit. Nowadays, I still brew…but I’ve migrated the recipes to all-grain.

A photo of himself. Courtesy of Yan Filiatrault.

I started [out] like a lot of homebrewers—small batches on the stovetop with my trusty plastic bucket fermenter. I quickly switched to all-grain and took the brewing outside for five gallon batches. I still do one gallon test batches for fun and I’m on the verge of buying a Robobrew so I can brew all year long without worrying about the weather.

I don’t really have a favorite style that I like to brew but I really enjoy stout because of the smell. My breakfast stout is a beer I love to brew and that get lots of people that don’t stouts into that kind of beer.

If I can give only one tip it would be this—never throw a beer away, even if the brew day was bad, fermentation never took [off] or any other bad thing you could think of. My best beer cost me a kitchen sink and the brewing went so wrong I never thought it would be any good. Turns out it was the best beer I’d ever brewed and ended up having only a gallon of that test batch which I’m still trying to replicate to this day

We have a small club here but it’s not structured. We do not have many 
people in our area, but we are looking into expanding to other cities to make it a little bigger and maybe getting a couple of cities together to have more people.

I like homebrewing because I like the process of creation. Even though I’m not the most experienced homebrewer, I always strive to try new things to one-up my game every time while keeping the process fun. I also like the community factor. Even though I’m in a small town, the internet as made it way easier for people like me to have a brewday alone and still make it interactive 🙂

Yan is the Quebec regional rep, and you can reach him at

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