Beer: Lumberjack Lager

Recipe provided by Fraser Mills Fermentation Co.

Lumberjack Lager (Kolsch recipe for 19 litres)

OG = 1.048 (11.9 °P)
FG = 1.009 (2.3 °P)
IBU= 25 SRM = 4 ABV = 5.1%

4.2 kg Pilsner malt
227 g Munich Type 1
35 g Lumberjack hops (60 min.)
28 g Lumberjack hops at flameout

Imperial Yeast  A43 Loki (Kveik)

Single-step infusion mash, 65°C for 90 minutes.
Boil for 90 minutes
Add bittering hops after 30 minutes
Add flameout hops and cool
Pitch at 18-20 C, ferment and package.

Crisp, lively and refreshing, this recipe showcases our unique BC 
lumberjack hops!

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