Recipe – Catalina Wine Mixer

Cory Day’s award-winning kolsch was one of the official 2021 Canadian Homebrew Day recipes!

This is my recipe for one of my favourite kolsch. Over the years it has won several medals and is a favourite of friends and family. It was even served at my best friend’s wedding – and the first keg to kick! The beer is named after one of the running gags in one of my favourite movies, Step Brothers. I hope everyone enjoys this and hits me up with a #PowCatalinaWineMixer on Twitter when they’re taking a drink!

Cory Day

Recipe Details

Batch Size Boil Time IBU SRM Est. OG Est. FG ABV
19 L 60 min 19 IBUs 3 1.047 1.008 5.1 %


Name Amount %
Pilsner (Weyermann) 3.64 kg 87.29
Vienna Malt (Weyermann) 140 g 3.36
Wheat Malt, Pale (Weyermann) 140 g 3.36
Rice Hulls 250 g 6


Name Amount Time Use Form Alpha %
Hallertauer Mittelfrueh 28 g 60 min First Wort Pellet 3.5
Tettnang 14 g 30 min Boil Pellet 4


Name Lab Attenuation Temperature
Kolsch Yeast (2565) Wyeast Labs 75% 13°C - 21°C


Step Temperature Time
Mash In 64°C 90 min


Step Time Temperature
Primary 10 days 14°C
Secondary 5 days 21°C
Aging 30 days 5°C

Cory’s Tips

  • The softer the water the better! Target a ratio of 1 gypsum to 3 calcium chloride to a minimum of 50 ppm calcium
  • If you are using tap water, ensure you use metabisulfite or Campden tablets to neutralize chlorine and/or chloramines
  • Pitch lots of healthy yeast – two packs of Wyeast or White Labs, or one pack of Imperial Yeast and a 2-3 L starter
  • Don’t substitute flaked wheat for the wheat malt!
  • If the recommended strains aren’t available, other kolsch strains should work, including: Escarpment Labs Kolsch, Omega Yeast OYL-044 Kolsch II, Lallemand LalBrew Koln, Fermentis Safale K-97

Cory Day started his homebrewing journey 10 years ago in Oakvill, ON and has since moved to Langley, BC where he continued his passion by becoming a 3x Canadian Homebrewing Champion, earning over 100 competition medals in almost every beer category. Connect with him on Twitter @BernerPark

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