How To Run A Competition

So you want to run a homebrew competition. Maybe there isn’t one in your area, or maybe you just want to get involved because it seems like fun. Whatever the reason, running a homebrew competition is a lot of work, so here’re some resources to get you going. If you have any more questions, shoot us an email, and we’ll be happy to connect you with a more experienced competition coordinator in your area.

The BJCP has a fantastic handbook on how to run a competition here. It’s pretty much everything you need to know about how to successful run a homebrew competition.

Basic Low Down:
What kind of competition are you running aka accepting all beer styles or just a few seasonal styles?
Pick a date
Advertise the competition, for both entries and judges
Have an accepting location for entries
Sort entries
Do the judging
Award ceremony
Send scoresheets and prizes out

Things to Consider
– Do I need a special occasions permit to run this competition?
– Do I have enough judges in my area to support a competition?
– Am I allowed to publicly advertise the competition and where the judging is happening?

And when in doubt, definitely reach out to your closest competition organizer for some advice, or volunteer at one as a staff, stewart or judge to get some hands-on experience on how a competition is run.