Mead: Raspberry, Blueberry, Black Currant (Semi-sweet)

12 Liter, Raspberry, Blueberry, Black Currant Semi-sweet
by Stephen Snudden (Kingston, ON)
    • 2.25 kg frozen raspberries
    • 1.5 kg frozen blueberries
    • 1 kg frozen black currants
    • 4 liters of wildflower honey (12 lbs)
    • Filtered tap water, or spring water to 12 liters
  • Yeast 71B-1122: 7 g
  • Go Ferm Required: 8.75 g
  • Total Fermaid O Required: 11 g ( TOSANA 2.0 )
  • Ferment at 62f
  • SG: 1.128
  • Target FG: 1.020
Activating the yeast:
Dissolve 8.75 g of Go-Ferm Protect in 175 mL hot water at 120 deg F. When the water reaches 104 deg F, sprinkle in 7 g of dry yeast.  After 15 minutes give the slurry a quick swirl. Begin tempering yeast by adding 88 mL must to the yeast slurry every 15 minutes. Pitch yeast after three hours. The yeast slurry temperature must be within 10 deg F of must temperature.
  • Measure out 12 liters in a fermeter
  • Rehydrate yeast so after 3 hours before full must will be ready
    1. Mix honey, fruit and add water up to 12 liters. Place fruit in a bag if using a bucket. Mush berries prior to adding.
  • Pitch yeast.
  • Aerate 1 minute with pure 02 on low
  • After 12 hours aerate 1 minute with pure 02
  1. +24 hours  after yeast pitch a dd 2.75 g Fermaid O
  2. +48 hours  after yeast pitch a dd 2.75 g Fermaid O
  3. +72 hours  after yeast pitch a dd 2.75 g Fermaid O
  4. + 7th day after yeast pitch or when fermentation has reached 1/3 sugar break (SG = 1.085), whichever comes first. Aerate 1 minute with pure 02  at 1/3 sugar break add the final nutrient addition of 2.75 g Fermaid O

Degas and punch down fruit twice daily and before adding nutrient additions. Do this until 2/3 sugar break. Once the fermentation is complete, gradually increase temp to 68 deg F and maintain for 2 weeks. Rack off fruit into a 3 gallon secondary. Degass. Stabilize with 1 gram of K-Meta and 0.8 grams K-sorbate. Age for 6 months before bottling. Use a two part clarifier a week before bottling.

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