Beer: A Day of Your Life IIPA

by Robert Earl Reynolds with Garritt Lalonde from Sooke Oceanside Brewery for Hopoxia

Pilot batch 100L
Efficiency 82%

Water Treatment
Carbon filtered water
100ppm SO4 from Gypsum
Mash pH adjusted to 5.2 with Lactic Acid

80% Pilsner Malt
20% Dextrose (added slowly to fermenter over 7 days)

Bittering Hops
100g CO2 Hop Extract 66.7% AA @ 60mins, theoretical 300 IBU

Whirlpool Hops (wort chilled to 80°C to stop isomerization)
454g Meridian @ 6.3% AA
250g Citra @ 12.0% AA
200g Azacca @ 15.0% AA

Target Original Gravity (pre-Dextrose) 1.075

Ferment with Escarpment Labs, Voss Kviek at 35°C
Starting at high krausen begin adding a Kilogram of dextrose to the fermenter each day.
End of fermentation Target Final Gravity 1.010
Target ABV 11.9%

Dry Hop #1
250g Citra 3 days
250g Azacca 3 days

Dry Hop #2
250g Citra 3 days
250g Azacca 3 days

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