Canadian Homebrew Day 2019: Toronto, ON

GTA Brews Homebrew Club in Toronto celebrated Canadian Homebrew Day by running 6ix concurrent Learn2Brew events at local breweries. Each site had 2-3 homebrewers demonstrating the brewing process to members of the public. We felt that the best way to celebrate this day was to share our hobby with prospective homebrewers. This also helps recruit new club members, which is a nice bonus. Many of us were able to brew two full batches during the 6-7 hour run-time. This was made possible by access to HLT water and floors drains provided by our amazing brewer partners. Big shout out to our hosts: Rouge River BrewingCommon Good Beer CoBlack Lab Brewing CoHenderson Brewing CoPeople’s Pint Brewing Co, and Rainhard Brewing Co. Please check them out next time you are in the area.

Eric Cousineau is the Ontario regional rep and is an avid homebrewer, BJCP judge, and computer engineer from Toronto, ON. He is also the Founder and President of Toronto’s local homebrew club, GTA Brews. Contact him at

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