Beer: Duck Saison, Wabbit Saison (Saison)

Recipe by Chelsea Tessier

“Here’s a recipe for my Duck Saison, Wabbit Saison (Pale, super strength saison). I use local Alberta malt for the pilsner, vienna and munich from Origin Malting)”

Water adjusted to Dry Yellow Water Profile in Bru n’ Water.

5.5 kg of Pilsner Malt
0.6 kg wheat
370 g vienna
150 g munich

16 g Citra 14% AA @ 60 min
14 g Citra 14% AA @ 15 min
15 g Sorachi Ace 11.6% AA @ 5 min
10 g Citra 14% AA @ 5 min
36 g Sorachi Ace 11.6% AA @ 0 min

French Saison Yeast (Wyeast 3711)

Mash at 65°C for 60 min and boil for 75 min.
Ferment at 19°C and ramp temperature gradually to 23°C over a week.

Chelsea Tessier

Chelsea Tessier is the current President and Event Coordinator for Edmonton Homebrewers Guild.

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