Homebrew Section at Cask Days Beer Festival (Toronto, ON)

Cask Days is one of Canada’s best beer festivals, and well known by beer geeks in Toronto. This year’s festival took place Oct 18-20 and featured over 300 casks from over 125 breweries across Canada, the UK, and USA (full cask list here). It also featured a whole section, coordinated by GTA Brews, which was devoted to showcasing homebrewers!

Cask Days 2019 – Homebrew Section List

I know what you are thinking, “Eric you know you can’t serve homebrewed beer to the public in Ontario!”. While these beers were brewed by many of the most talented homebrewers around, they don’t technically qualify as homebrew since they were brewed at partner commercial breweries.

Cask Days 2019 – Homebrewer Group Photo

This year, in addition to beer brewed by GTA Brews members, we also had casks from Durham Homebrew ClubMaple City Brewers Alliance, and Toronto Brewing!

GTA Brews has been lucky enough to coordinate a whole homebrewer-focused section of the festival for the last 4 years.

Cask Days 2015 – Homebrewer Group Photo
Cask Days 2016 – Homebrew Section
Cask Days 2016 – Homebrewer Group Photo

As you can see, we’ve made a tradition of taking a group photo each year!

Cask Days 2017 – Homebrewer Group Photo
Cask Days 2018 – Homebrewer Group Photo
Cask Days 2019 – Homebrew Section Sign

Thank You To Our Partners

Big thanks to all our brewery partners for letting us brew with them! Please stop by breweries and say thanks by buying a pint, or some beer to go!

Big thanks to club member Nik Cole for coordinating the homebrew section again this year! Also thanks to Toronto Brewing for storing the empty casks, and UANS International for storing the full casks!

Eric Cousineau is the Ontario regional rep and is an avid homebrewer, BJCP judge, and computer engineer from Toronto, ON. He is also the Founder and President of Toronto’s local homebrew club, GTA Brews. Contact him at eric@canadahomebrews.ca.

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