Speaker Series: Bryan Heit (London, ONish)

On March 19, 2020, we had Bryan Heit from Sui Generis Brewing on to chat about how to capture and brew with wild yeasts. Bryan is a scientist & microbiologist who has been homebrewing since 1996. Like many in the 1990’s, he began brewing with cheap canned extract kits, but quickly transitioned to all-grain brewing. His interest in yeast science was sparked by a chance chance discussion with his microbiology professor, who taught him how to store yeasts. In 1998 Bryan brewed his first lambic-inspired beer. Despite the beer freezing solid in the coolship during the Calgary winter, the beer was a success, jump-starting Bryan’s interest in wild yeasts and mixed fermentation. While he loves homebrewing in general, Bryan specialized in vintage (long-aged) beers, mixed-fermentation beers, and experimental brewerd with unique yeasts, bacteria and brewing techniques. Bryan blogs extensively about brewing, with his musing available at www.suigenerisbrewing.com

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