Canadian Homebrew Day 2019: Saskatoon, SK

by Tyrone Keep

The Saskatoon Headhunters participated in the inaugural CHA homebrew day by gathering during the afternoon of our club’s summer BBQ to brew. It was a bit of a last minute affair so only one system was used, but members new and old stopped by to visit and check out the process. Aaron Krywicki and I brewed a partigyle Belgian Golden Strong (40L).

The first runnings were split 2 ways with WY3522 Ardennes and WY 1214 Abbey (sugar added during the boil to reach an SG of 1.075). The Abbey yeast was a bit older and we didn’t plan ahead enough for a starter so Safale BE134 was added the next day when there was no signs of fermentation. Something tells me this will be one of those beers that you can’t recreate if it turns out great! Doesn’t help that note taking is poor when there’s lots of visitors and samples being poured!

The second runnings were used for a lighter beer (SG 1.041) with 300g ginger added near the end of boil. Fermented with Safale T58.

Belgian Golden Strong
Single infusion, no mash out
13 kg EuroPils (Cargill)
1.5 kg sugar
1 kg acidulated malt (Weyermann)

35 g of Hallertau Magnum @ 60 mins
30 g of Perle @ 30 mins
30 g of Perle @ 15 mins

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