So You’re Thinking of Becoming a BJCP Judge? by Kathy Yan Li (Canadian Homebrewing Summit 2020)

Canadian Homebrewers Association launched their first homebrew conference—Canadian Homebrewing Summit on September 12, 2020.

Kathy Yan Li first started homebrewing in 2010 when she formed the UBC Brewing Club with some friends and had to figure out how to make beer to teach others! She is a National rank BJCP beer with mead and cider endorsements, and has judged 40 competitions in six provinces and seven US states so far. She co-founded the CHA in 2018, and enjoys sharing Canadian homebrewing news and stories.

You’ve sent your beer into a competition, and it magically returns with scores and comments from a “judge”. How does one become a BJCP judge and what do all the different ranks mean? Kathy will walk you through the process of becoming a judge, and offer some tips in helping train the palate to take your beer, cider and mead tasting exam!

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